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[Samba] samba 4.10 searches wrong libs on cross-compile

On a Linux 64-bit machine, I'm trying to cross-compile for a 32-bit intel board. I loaded and cross-compiled 4.9.5 and that worked fine, searching the correct libraries. When I use the same Makefile in 4.10, it searches /usr/lib64 libraries first, and then my libraries, so I get a lot of warnings about "skipping incompatible" libraries. I also had an error reading my answer file in 4.10, but I noticed the Bug 13846, which corrected that issue. Is there a location for patches for 4.10.0 ?

In wscript I modify it with the following:

    # gentoo always adds this. We want our normal build to be as
    # strict as the strictest OS we support, so adding this here
    # allows us to find problems on our development hosts faster.
    # It also results in faster load time.

    conf.env.asneeded_ldflags = conf.ADD_LDFLAGS('-Wl,--as-needed', testflags=True)

    my_libs = os.getenv(MY_LDFLAGS')
    conf.ADD_LDFLAGS(my_libs, testflags=False)

    if not conf.CHECK_NEED_LC("-lc not needed"):
        conf.ADD_LDFLAGS('-lc', testflags=False)

and in all the previous releases that worked fine.  Since there have been other patches already, I'm wondering if this has been fixed also. I've spent a long time digging and I can't find it.

Mike Tompkins

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