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[Samba] No, still glitches for exim/winbind...

No, i don't think this is a configuration error by mine, and still
seems that ''something'' in winbind does not work properly, or at least
in respect to exim.

This late evening i've rebooted all my servers in a site (2DM, 2DC; DM
samba 4.8, DC samba 4.5).

I've firstly rebooted the DM (where one of these is the mail server),
after that, and after verify that all work as expected (10 minutes
circa) i've rebooted one of the DC.

Also with that, all work as expected. Again waited at least 5 minutes,
the rebooted the other DC, and i've catch:

	==> /var/log/exim4/mainlog <==
	2019-03-26 18:21:19 H=(fouc.pp.lnf.it) [] X=TLS1.2:ECDHE_RSA_AES_128_GCM_SHA256:128 CV=no F=<service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> rejected RCPT <local_user@xxxxxxxxxx>: Unrouteable address

(again 'Unrouteable address' is by design in my exim configuration,
effectively seems as user desappear from NSS)
'local user' exist, in fact one minute later:

	2019-03-26 18:22:08 1h8pm0-00027Q-No => local_user <local_user@xxxxxxxxxx> F=<logcheck@xxxxxxxxxx> P=<logcheck@xxxxxxxxxx> R=procmail T=procmail_pipe

Seems to me as samba/winbind behave like as, if i shut down the DC is
connected to, 'lost' itself a bit for some time, probably while is
trying to connect to another DC, and in the meantime reply something
like 'user not found'.

Again, supposing it is not an 'exim' trouble, how can i debug this?

Someone can point me to the relevant code in samba/winbind?


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