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[Samba] Transfer file server to new DC

Hello all,

Have joined a new DC to an existing active directory consisting of a sole DC.  So, we now have two domain controllers, the original being ad.DOMAIN.intranet (, and the new one being DOMAIN-ad.DOMAIN.intranet (  The old DC is also the file server - I'm aware this is strongly advised against.  I want the new DC to become the file server but can't find any instructions online on how to do this - is it just simply following https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_File_Serving for the new DC and reverse the instructions for the old DC, syncing everything up and sorted?

Servers are Debian 9 with 4.5.16-Debian, both are identical software-wise (but definitely not hardware-wise!)

Many thanks!

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