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Re: [Samba] Migration to samba4 ad and sync to openldap.

I'm open to alternatives but need to be up and running 24/7 on the linux side. My boss hates windows more than I do and will likely be looking for a new job if I use windows to administer the the linux side.
We only use windows if there is no other way do do something.

On 3/19/19 12:08 PM, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:03:12 -0500
John McMonagle via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are currently running samba3 nt4 domain controllers using
smb-ldap-tools. We want to convert to samba4 ad so we can run new
versions of windows server.

Why do you need a newer Windows version ?

Running server 2008 and support is ending soon.
You state you have no Windows workstations.
But you are correct, you need to upgrade, Samba3 is dead, but has later
versions, smbldap-tools is totally dead, there doesn't seem to be a
source website antmore, it just needs a Perl upgrade that breaks it and
you are lost.

I know of:

But that would break us by moving all ldap to the ad ldap.
We have lot's of stuff in ldap.

So what, most if not all of that could be moved to AD, though you may
have to use later versions of your software or migrate to other,
possibly better software.

At them moment the main thing I can think of is the mail server uses it for mailing lists and all authentication and authorization.

All it takes is one crucial thing that ad will not do and it's eliminated as the only source of data.
Currently administer using ldap account manager.
We are in 5 cities and about 95% linux.

Looks like a probable good use of 'sites'
What is sites?

Have 7 openldap servers controlling everything.
Have just 3 nt4 domain controllers and only 3 windows servers on the
domain. We have no windows workstations on the domain.

As I said above, why do you need the Windows servers, what do they do ?
Accounting, any thing that can not be done in linux.
All services are provided by linux.

All workstations are linux ltsp and all windows is done via rdp.

Getting rid of the openldap is too painful to contemplate.
Even if I was willing to more all the authentication and
authorization stuff to ad would still need openldap.

Why, what do you use openldap for ?
Pretty much all authorization and authentication, groups, mailing lists for hundreds of computers at 5 locations.

Seen references to solutions to sync ad to openldap like:

Suspect there are other ways to attack the problem.
I'm willing to live with the issue of not being able to sync
passwords from kerberos ->  ldap.
May switch to kerberos for authentication at some point.

Kerberos is undoubtedly the most secure.


John McMonagle
IT Manager
Advocap Inc.

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