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Re: [Samba] DFS Shares (Clustered)


Can you show you resolv.conf.

You could try to set the rotate and timeout option if not set already.

and how are you handling the mount retries?



Op 19 mrt. 2019, om 15:01, Shaun Glass via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef: 
Good Day,

We experience the following when we have outages or perform disaster
recovery exercises.

Our DFS Shares come from a Windows cluster with 2 servers, each one in
a different location. When the server that we have active connections
to goes offline, the server has an issue connecting to the second
server. This even happens under a controlled shutdown and startup

If we persistently try and force the server to mount the share it will
eventually connect to the second server ... this is time consuming and

Here is an example from '/etc/fstab' file :

//our.domain.com/PATH/TO/SHARE /target cifs
0 0

Servers Vary between RHEL 6 / 7 and SLES12. We patch quarterly so
various software packages are never that out of date.

Can anyone provide some assistance in this matter ?

Much appreciated.



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