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Re: [Samba] How to automatically store the macAddress in AD

Am 14.03.19 um 20:20 schrieb Pierre, BRIEC via samba:
Hi list,

Does someone know a way to automatically store the hwaddress in the AD?
I'm using Veyon in my school to manage the students PCs and if the hwadress
is populated in the AD, the Room configuration can be set with AD otherwise
i have to manage rooms manually.
You may read the Veyon Administrator Manual <http://docs.veyon.io/en/4.1/admin/>.
I'm using samba4 with bind and isc-dhcp-server are on the same server.
Can we use scripts or some ways?

ISC dhcpd has native support to read and store ALL dhcp attibutes you

normally have in flat files to store and retrieve in ldap.

What does this mean?

We, the "Arktur 4 developer" have build a solution where the teacher pc

have a gui to control all dhcp staff in ldap. One click to terminate a student pc's

internet access. One click to isolate a class room from all other networks in case

you will write an exam.

I have no clue how to do this with AD, but it should work, if you use samba AD

with bind dlz.

thanks in advance


Harry Jede

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