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Re: [Samba] replication fails

Am 14.03.19 um 09:07 schrieb L.P.H. van Belle via samba:

> Ahh, thank you, warm words are always good to hear. 

And at least as good is to find the solution to a nagging problem.

Thanks to Louis *again*, he helped me to debug this via private mail ...

The reason seems to have been some wrong/old DNS-record, there was a
A-record "DC" and a CNAME etc

short: DC1 had an old and a newer name, and A/CNAME/PTR didn't all
really fit.

I still don't understand and know why this worked since classic upgrade
... very likely it didn't matter that much until I added that 2nd DC etc


For now I am happy with 0 error replication.

Minor issue: connecting via RSAT fails for the AD-users Snapin. Maybe
some DNS-entry still missing, I will recheck asap.

New user gets synced OK, though.

Thanks @Louis and @Rowland.

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