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Re: [Samba] replication fails

> If systemd is so good, why do you have to jump through hoops to get
> something to work correctly ?

Im not saying systemd is good and jumping throug hoops, silly you.. ;-) hehe... :-)) 

Its just configuring the system, like any other, and it's not difficult about what i've shown. 
If you use networkd correcty, you can use one file for multiple settings.
I setup .network file and ip/gateway/dns resolving/dns search/time sync is all done in one file. 

> Not knocking systemd, if you want to use it, then OK, but it isn't for me ;-)
> Rowland
Yeah.. I know that, but what the goal here was, of my post.. 

Its preparing for the furture upgrades. These things often go wrong or get wrong due to wrong/forgotten settings. 
With the script which is setting you up with systemd-network, this ends.. 
Thats how i see it. 

I have a setup also for ipv4+ipv6 in systemd without all errors you see when you google this. 
Its all in the setup.. Can these be improved, yes they can, but its a good base to start with. 
Same with the config i use for samba, a good starting point make you happy in the end. 

At least, for me, so lets hope for others too. 

Until tomorrow. 



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