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Re: [Samba] replication fails

Am 13.03.19 um 11:22 schrieb L.P.H. van Belle via samba:
> Hi Stefan, 
> Debian 8 ? 9?
> DC's samba version ? 

Deb 9.8, Samba-4.8.9

> Can you post your smb.conf and resolv.conf 
> If you check with (per server what is the outcome. )
> samba-tool dbcheck

0 errors

> samba-tool dbcheck --cross-nc

Checked 3754 objects (3174 errors)

on the DC1.

where does that come from ... everything was fine last time we checked
... very frustrating


checking around for DNS

dc.my.tld is there fine, but "dc" doesn't resolve on DC2.

dc.my.tld does resolve

resolv.conf on DC2:

search my.tld

(trying around)

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