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Re: [Samba] AD administrator can't administer

On Monday, 11 March 2019 07:34:41 PDT Robert Wooden via samba wrote:
> Over time I have ignored the fact that my AD administrator has stopped
> being able to administer. For example, the Ad administrator cannot install
> drivers or updates. Once a week now, I logout as workstation user and login
> as the "local administrator" to install drivers or run windows updates (in
> today's case a printer driver on the workstation.)
> Does this falls into that "gray area" between Samba and Windows OS (10Pro)?
> I am not sure where to post questions so, I am starting here.
> This seems to be a AD administrator permissions issue? Anyone else having
> this experience? Thoughts on how to correct this?


What we've been doing is simply adding AD users to the local administrators group on a given machine. That, of course, would not scale if your problem is to grant a single AD user administrative privileges on a whole fleet instead of our use case of giving individual users local admin privileges on their individual machines.

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