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Re: [Samba] getent not working after installing firewall (SOLVED)

Am 06.03.19 um 00:21 schrieb Mark Foley via samba:
> Peter - yes! That's exactly why I said "Standby" in my previous message.  It turns out that my
> testing by setting a single workstation to the correct gateway ( was insufficient. 
> I found the place to change the setting in dhcpd.conf: "routers =", then I
> restarted dhcpd on the DHCP server (AD/DC), and then reset the network cards, or rebooted
> several of the workstations.  The workstations did get the correct gateway, but then I could
> connect to nothing! Not even the NAS which requires AD authentication. 
> So, I cleared caches on the DC and rebooted EVERYTHING: AD/DC, all workstations.  When things
> came back up, everything was working!!! Similar to your experience.  I've been working on this
> for three days. 

in other words parts of your network where not aware that the network
has changed - that's expected when you even don't refresh your dhcpd to
spit out the changed gateway to clients asking for it

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