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Re: [Samba] status on samba trusts

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your input. I'll check the dns stuff. I put resolvers for both domains as primary and secondary on both machines, but I guess that's not good enough.

I'll look into setting up a (query logging) dns proxy, that should tell us at least who is asking what.

Any chance to share that (german) article you wrote?

My german is not perfect, but good enough to understand a technical article. :-)

Thanks for responding!


On 2/27/19 9:43 PM, Stefan Kania via samba wrote:
Now I have a some time to answer, maybe a few of your questions.

Am 26.02.19 um 20:59 schrieb lists via samba:

No replies unfortunately. Unsure why.
There are still a lot of questions open and I think a lot of things have
to be done.

We searched the list, and we found little discussion on the subject of
trusts. We see occasional questions, but they are often left unanswered,
like this one.

If someone could point us to some good up-to-date docs on trusts with
samba then we would really appreciate it.

We setup a test environment (one samba 4.9.4 testad2 AD, one native
windows 2012 testad1 AD, and a win2012 testclient) to play with trusts,
but we have just so many questions, and there is so little material (on
trusts, specific to the combination with samba) to read.
Up to this point I did a few installations with two Samba4 Domains

Both AD domains (testad1 / testad2) are on the same subnet, and my test
client can join both domains successfully.
Before you join the domain you should check if you can resolve the
SRV-Records of both domains from either side. For this the best thin is
to set up a DNS-Proxy between the two domains.

The trust (from samba's side) succeeds 'half' with an error when
validating the incoming trust at the end.
Most of the time it's a DNS-problem, so first check the SRV-Records

Here are some outputs:

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# samba-tool domain trust create
TESTAD1.company.com  -U TESTAD1\\administrator
LocalDomain Netbios[TESTAD2] DNS[testad2.company.com]
RemoteDC Netbios[WIN-0ENAIPFH11A]

Password for [TESTAD1\administrator]:
RemoteDomain Netbios[TESTAD1] DNS[testad1.company.com]
Creating remote TDO.
Remote TDO created.
Setting supported encryption types on remote TDO.
Creating local TDO.
Local TDO created
Setting supported encryption types on local TDO.
Validating outgoing trust...
OK: LocalValidation: DC[\\WIN-0ENAIPFH11A.testad1.company.com]
Validating incoming trust...

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# samba-tool domain trust validate testad1
LocalDomain Netbios[TESTAD2] DNS[testad2.company.com]
LocalTDO Netbios[TESTAD1] DNS[testad1.company.com]
OK: LocalValidation: DC[\\WIN-0ENAIPFH11A.testad1.company.com]
OK: LocalRediscover: DC[\\WIN-0ENAIPFH11A.testad1.company.com]
RemoteDC Netbios[WIN-0ENAIPFH11A]

ERROR: REMOTE_DC[WIN-0ENAIPFH11A.testad1.company.com]: failed to
connect netlogon server - ERROR(0xC0000034) - The object name is not
Did you check the DNS?

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# samba-tool domain trust list
Type[External] Transitive[No]  Direction[BOTH]

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# samba-tool domain trust show testad1
LocalDomain Netbios[TESTAD2] DNS[testad2.company.com]

NetbiosName:    TESTAD1
DnsName:        testad1.company.com
SID:            S-1-5-21-2509583006-2398556320-3264531554
Type:           0x2 (UPLEVEL)
Direction:      0x3 (BOTH)
Attributes:     0x4 (QUARANTINED_DOMAIN)
PosixOffset:    0x00000000 (0)
kerb_EncTypes:  0x18 (AES128_CTS_HMAC_SHA1_96,AES256_CTS_HMAC_SHA1_96)
root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# wbinfo --online-status
BUILTIN : active connection
TESTAD2 : active connection
TESTAD1 : active connection

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# wbinfo -u --domain=TESTAD1

root@testad2dc:/var/log/samba# wbinfo -u --domain=TESTAD2

On the windows 2012 testad1 side, we do NOT see the trust relation
listed under "Active directory domains and trusts". Trusted remote users
are not shown with wbinfo.
wbinfo will NOT show you the users from the other domain, this is disabled.

For the rest there are some options to the "samba-tool domain trust
create" command that make us wonder:

--quarantined=yes|no (seems to be talking about SID filtering, whereas
the release notes always mention that NO filtering is done..?)
you can set it but (at the moment) it's ignored ;-)

  --create-location=LOCATION (we wonder what is to be created local or on
both places)

So... many questions and so little to read... Pointers, ideas..?

The only way I used the trusts so far is setting up a full trust. I've
wrote an article in a german magazine about trusts. It's a little "how
to" to creat a working trust.
Thanks in advance!


If you set up a full forest-trust you can put users from any domain to
the other domain and set permissions on fileservers an use the resources.

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