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Re: [Samba] Computer Management - Share Security - No Read Access {FOLLOWUP}

On Wed, 20 Feb 2019 09:11:23 -0500
Marco Shmerykowsky <marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Interesting....
> It seems that there is something that "lingers" with
> respect to a share definition.
> I had also created a "users" share.  No amount of tweaking
> seemed to allow the Security tab to assign permissions.
> However, I noticed that if I removed the share in samba
> & restarted. The share disappeared in "Computer Management."
> Seem logical.
> I reactivated the share in smb.conf, restarted samba and
> the share reappeared in "Computer Management".  It also
> had the same Share Level permissions set as before.
> I thought that removal and redefinition of the share
> would clear any permissions.  The '+' never appears
> on the permissions of the directory on the Linux side.
> So.... I renamed the share in smb.conf from [users] to
> [personal].
> Same directory (/server/users).
> Same permissions (0770).
> Same ownership (root:"Domain Admins")
> restarted samba.  Back to "Computer Management"
> Suddenly, full access to everything - just like it's supposed to.
> Any explanation?

Not really, unless 'users' is a Windows name that cannot be used
elsewhere in the domain.


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