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Re: [Samba] Troubles upgrading jailed DC from 4.8.7 to 4.8.9

On 2/18/19 12:07 PM, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
This sounds familiar...
I suggest you try without the interface names and only ipnumbers.

Test 1)
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes
nbt client socket address =

Try again.

Still does not work.
In addition I get:
WARNING: The "nbt client socket address" option is deprecated

Notice I don't have in this jail, so I also tried "interfaces =": still no luck.

In addition to test 1, Test 2.
         ntlm auth=YES
Remove that from the smb.conf then try again.
At least for this test remove it.

I fail to understand how this should be related to the above; in any case I tried and unfortunately it does not help either. Why I have NTLM auth enabled, although I know it's "evil", is another story :)

After a web search I found the solution is to add:
  >         server services=-nbt
Not needed really.. The default are fine.

Needed actually. It *should* not be needed, but it's the only thing that let Samba start presently.

In addition to 1 and 2. Test 3,
Block 137,138 from and to the jailed host.

You mean firewalling?
I already have ipfw running and it will not allow port 137 or 138 from/to anywhere.

 bye & Thanks

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