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Re: [Samba] 32 seconds vs 72 minutes -- expected performance difference?

On 16/02/2019 10:08, Saurabh Nanda wrote:

    This is a complete lateral jump. In the El/Centos line of distros
    seen a lot of issues caused by using the r8169 driver on
    RTL8111/8168/8411 cards including things like DNS failures and
    slowdowns and other more exotic issues. The card performs better (in
    EL/Centos) with the r8168 driver which does not come built into the
    kernel, unless Ubuntu has unified the two drivers under the r8169
    banner. You can do a quick check with:
    lspci -k | grep Eth -A 3

These kind of issues should show up in iperf as well, right?
DNS issues would not. Some of the other issues would not. Some may. I never checked. I've also seen issues where traffic to the device performed one way and and through the device performed the other, but I can't remember which was good and which was bad. It is a two second check and probably irrelevant but worth doing.

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