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Re: [Samba] 4.7.x -> 4.9.x upgrade

>> Does this apply if, instead of an upgrade, one provisions a new DC
>> on, say, 4.9 and joins it? In short, will this allow you to get your
>> DCs to 4.9 by creating new DC's on 4.9, and then demote/remove all
>> the 4.7 DC's after the new 4.9 DC's are synced etc?

RPvs> I do not know, I personally never tried it, but even if it does work,
RPvs> it isn't going to help all those who upgrade via distro packages, they
RPvs> seem to expect it to work ;-)

RPvs> Rowland

I am not reassured that we aren't sure that 4.7.x DC's will communicate with 4.9.x DC's and allow a full transfer of roles - provided I've read/understood what you wrote in the reply.

Am I misunderstanding things? If there are substantial interop problems between versions of Samba, is this documented somewhere.
I guess I was assuming that given some recent version of Samba, it would sync with any other current version of Samba and allow the FSMO roles to be transferred.

And yes, I get that doesn't really solve the distro upgrade problem, but if it was a given that you could spin up a new DC and sync, then transfer FSMO roles - well that would go a long way to assuring a reasonable way around the problem. (At least until a good understanding of the problem was wide-spread and a solution found.)

Please tell me I've misunderstood this! :)


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