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Re: [Samba] smbclient error talking to Netapp with SMB 3.11 / Samba 4.7.11

Hi Ralph,

thanks for having a look.

-<| Quoting Ralph Böhme <slow@xxxxxxxxx>, on Thursday, 2019-02-14 12:10:37 PM |>-
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 09:59:30AM +0100, Philipp Gesang via samba wrote:
> > I’m not really in a position to decide whether the server or
> > Samba is at fault here. Would it make sense to relax that check
> > and try again?
> While MS-SMB2 2.2.3 says NEGOTIATE_CONTEXT in the NegotiateContextList array
> must be 8-byte-aligned, so NegotiateContextList may include padding between
> the NEGOTIATE_CONTEXTs, MS-SMB2 defines the
> NEGOTIATE_CONTEXT.DataLength to hold the size of Data, which does not
> include padding. So from that, this is a server bug.

padded from 46 to 48 bytes with zeros. Its data length is set to
38 which does not cover the padding. Looks like Netapp themselves
agree with your assessment. ;)

> Otoh, Windows clients are probably able to connect to the server, so they
> seem to be more forgiving.
> I guess we need clarification from dochelp@MS on the matter.

We’ll be able to test a patched libsmbclient with “<” substituted
for the length check later today. We’ll see if that is already


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