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Re: [Samba] Samba 4 Password Policies

Thanks for the link, Carlos. Clearly I have to correct what I wrote, it does seem supported since Samba 4.8.

Vladimir, add 'apply group policies = yes' to your KDC's smb.conf and try again.


On 12.02.2019 12:14, Carlos via samba wrote:

I think is ok(used gpo for  password policy) , because i read this it, but....



On 11/02/2019 19:21, Viktor Trojanovic via samba wrote:
The pw policy GPO is applied to the domain controller itself. That only works if the DC is a windows machine, though. So, no, no workaround for this, use samba-tool.


On February 11, 2019 21:36:56 Vladimir via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I am relative new to samba 4, not so new to Samba, but I have a problem
with password policies.

So I set a password policy (Maximum password age) in RSAT for the Default Domain Policy, but this policy was not applied to my domain, even after the
command gpupdate /all and after rebooting the samba server. (I am using
samba version 4.9.0)

So I discovered in the samba server that the command:
'samba-tool domain passwordsettings show'
was showing 45 day for the Maximum password age, and that was the value
active for my domain.

My questions are:

Can I use the GPO to set the password policies, or should I always use

Can I disable this behavior and let the GPO that I have set take the
control to these policies??

Thanks in advance,
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