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[Samba] issue and solution : samba 4.9.4 and win10 1809 : windows could not connect to user profile service aka the home drive letter semi-colon is missing

Excuse in advance my poor english.
After installing two new servers debian buster with samba 4.9.4 , one as AD ,the second as a fileserver, I was stuck when i tried to connect my users. On a Win10 client , i had the message "windows could not connect to user profile service". The only clue i had was in the event viewer, errors concerning svchost.exe_ProfSvc.

After digging internet, i ve found the solution here :

Before i found the solution, when i created user , i ran samba-tool like this :

samba-tool user create dare aze123 --use-username-as-cn --profile-path=\\fileserver\profiles\dare\dare*--home-drive=U* --home-directory=\\fileserver\dare --userou=OU=UBO_USERS --script-path=logonscript.vbs --nis-domain=samba494 --unix-home=/home/d/dare  --uid=dare --uid-number=202369 --gid-number=51495 --gecos=Christian Dare  --login-shell=/bin/tcsh --username=Administrator --password=MyPassword

This syntax seems good but the semi-colon after U is missing for Windows and it blocks the user login.

To fix the issue, i had to add a semi-colon after the home drive letter like this :

samba-tool user create dare aze123 --use-username-as-cn --profile-path=\\fileserver\profiles\dare\dare *--home-drive=U:* --home-directory=\\fileserver\dare --userou=OU=UBO_USERS --script-path=logonscript.vbs --nis-domain=samba494 --unix-home=/home/d/dare  --uid=dare --uid-number=202369 --gid-number=51495 --gecos=Christian Dare  --login-shell=/bin/tcsh --username=Administrator --password=MyPassword

With this syntax, everything works fine as expected.

I think this is a new bug appeared with win10 version 1809 ( With the 1803 version, i didn t see this issue )

Christian D


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