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Re: [Samba] Add linux group to windows AD group

>> [...] I'd like to add the group disk to a
>> windows AD group 'backup' [...]

> A 'local' Linux is just that, a local user, it is not a part of AD, so
> it cannot be used in AD, the same goes for groups.
> You could create the user in AD and then make this user a Linux user as
> well, but you will have to delete the local Linux user.
> You should then be able to add you AD Linux user to the local Linux
> group.

Thanks for your input.

(Backup is called amanda (debian package), seems to be hard coded to run as user 'backup' I'll set up a test case and see if backup user can be created from AD before I install amanda.)

Can I use user mapping instead? Map backup to an AD user which is member of the backup ad group?


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