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Re: [Samba] GPO or similar for fedora?

On 1/14/19 4:10 PM, Carlos Bordon via samba wrote:
Hi! i going to migrate all windows workstation to fedora and I need for
example: make an administrator users in all workstation, is possible make a
gpo for linux?

All the workstation are in domain...obviosly is a SAMBA!

You can't apply Windows domain based GPOs to Linux clients without the usage of third party tools (tools not provided by Samba), and some of those tools can only apply a few specific GPOs to Linux.

Maybe what you are looking for is to be able to configure sudo rules for your workstations from a Samba AD DC. There are ways to extend the AD directory schema to store sudo rules, and at the same time, to configure Linux sudo to read those rules from the AD LDAP server.

For simplicity, you can store a sudoers file that grant all users of a domain group full sudo access, but that sudo configuration must be deployed to all clients. This doesn't require modifying the AD schema.

King regards From Argentine

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