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Re: [Samba] AD DC in a container: NTP

> I guess that confirms it: Using the AD DC as a time source does indeed
> require NTP. For the sake of argument, is it possible to use a machine that
> is not a DC, and potentially not even part of the AD, to serve time to
> other domain members?

That's what Roland said, yes. All AD (in particular the Kerberos part)
really cares about is *consistent* time. Distributing it via DCs is the
easiest, but not the only way.

> And how would you go about automatically pointing
> domain hosts to said machine? Group policy for clients, scripts for
> servers, or is there a simpler way?

DHCP can set NTP servers, YMMV if that's easier with your particular
network setup.

> It seems to me the cleanest way, and closest to best practice, is to keep
> the DC(s) serving time. The obvious exception would be in situations where
> all domain hosts are containerized, then ntp is not needed in any of the
> containers.

You still need to make sure all container hosts have their time
synchronised, obviously.

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