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Re: [Samba] Using MS-DOS client

On Tue, 25 Dec 2018, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:

I finally solved the problem.  After removing everything samba
related from the platform, I spent an hour or two unsuccessfully
trying to build an older version from source.  When that threatened
to lead me into dependency hell, I gave up and reinstalled the
original samba.  After restart, it began to cooperate using my
original configuration!

Nothing like this sort of thing to make one doubt one's own sanity.
Upon digging a bit deeper, I _suspect_ the sudden cooperation is due
to my not reinstalling everything (e.g. winbind) that was there from
the original Ubuntu roster.  I'm not about to verify this theory by
trying to break anything again and am just thankful to have
functionality back.

No, you didn't forget to install winbind, installing samba used to
install it for you, but now it doesn't and your PDC needs winbind, I
should have asked about that :-(

I'm not quite parsing that statement. Are you saying that winbind was (a) likely the cause of the problem or (b) somehow I really should have winbind now?

To the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge, 'security = user' does not need nor involve a PDC. Is that correct?

I can only observe that all my Windows clients (10, 7, XP, Win98) and MS-DOS clients are now working as expected.


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