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[Samba] smbclient v3 against samba server v4

hi all

i'm trying to use smbclient v3 with a samba server v4 configured as ad

with anonymous login it works; but it doesn't using a user


the pc isn't in the domain; but i tried from a non domain pc with smbclient v4 and it works

i tried some commands

smbclient -L <ip> -U <user> -W <domain>
smbclient -L <ip> -U <domain>/<user>
smbclient -L <ip> -U <user> -W <domain> -m SMB3 -e

maybe that it isn't compatible? or it needs some libraries that i didn't install? or what else

for example using -d3 i see that in smbclient v4 it says that it registers krb5 and gssapi backends, but these messages missed with smbclient v3 (both pc have same gssapi and kerberos libraries installated)

thanks in advance

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