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[Samba] SOLVED: Replace AD DC FS with 2 new servers

> > If I ls a file in the old fileserver, it looks like this:
> >
> > -rwxrwx---+ 1 3000148 users 31M sep 19 15:16 10160-101.zip
> >
> > So, 3000248 is a UID.
> To be honest, it looks like an 'xidNumber', the '3000000' numbers
> normally only occur on a Samba AD DC, was the old fileserver a DC ?

Yes, old server is both AD DC and fileserver.

> >
> > If I use winbind 'rid' backend and copy the file above to the new
> > server with rsync it will keep 3000148 as owner, but will 3000148 be
> > connected to the same login on both servers?
> Not necessarily, as I said, '3000148' looks like an xidNumber from
> idmap.ldb and, as is well known, you probably would get a different
> number on another DC, the same will go for a Unix domain member using
> the 'rid' backend.
> The users UID on a Unix domain member using the 'rid' backend is
> calculated from the users 'RID' with this equation:
> All RID's start from '1000' and the BASE_RID is '0' unless set to a
> different number, so, from this and the info provided below, the
> equation could be written as this:
> ID = RID + 3000000
> And using the lowest RID
> ID = 1000 + 3000000
> ID = 3001000
> So, no, you will never see the ID '3000148' on a Unix domain member

Had to leave this project for a while but I think i'm on top of it now.
Went for RID in the end, just have to figure out how to best copy all files
from oldserver to newserver, but I think I'll figure it out.

I am very gratuful for all your help! I'll make a donatation.


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