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Re: [Samba] Index Corruption xBase database

Are the shares set to oplocks = no ? That sometimes has a role in database corruption.

On 2018-11-22 6:31 a.m., Jose Concha via samba wrote:

I've been working with a xBase database (similar to dBase) in a multiuser
application. There are like 40 users working on the database on the same
time reading and like 10 writing information.

Sometimes the CDX files (Index Files) get corrupted and is it's necessary
to pack the tables (rebuild the indexes).

I have notice using the smbstatus -B command the following

Pid       dev:inode          R/W      start                  size      name
4429    80a:b60b34:0      W      1073746530        1         PARAMS.DBF
3627    80a:b60b1d:0     PW     2147483646        1        MOVCTA.cdx
3445    80a:b60b1d:0     PW     2147483646        1        MOVCTA.cdx
6078    80a:b60b1d:0     PW     2147483646        1        MOVCTA.cdx
4429    80a:b60b1d:0     PW     2147483646        1        MOVCTA.cdx

Everytime PW appears and the start number 2147483646 indexes get corrupted.
I've been searching documentation about smbstatus -B without success, so I
do not know what start means or what can be causing the problem.

I am running in a Giga ethernet LAN with Cat 6. I am using version 4.5.12
on Debian 9

Thanks for your help

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