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Re: [Samba] winbind service panics "randomly"

On Tue, 13 Nov 2018 23:35:46 +0000
Carlos Jesus <camjesus2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Rowland,
> thank you for another quick reply.
> 1) I did all the changes on the smb.conf you suggested and restart
> samba-ad-dc on both DCs.
> 2) Changed file server log to 10 and rebooted it just because.
> 3) Winbind crashed.
> 3.1) I have a gut felling that if I leave it alone, it lasts longer.
> If I do a wbinfo -u it's ok, but if I go and check it often, it
> eventually crashes. Again, gut felling, maybe it's just a bad dinner.
> I'll try to find a way to automate this.
> 4)  wbinfo --group-info="Domain Users"
> EUROHIDRA\domain users:x:10001:
> 5) Don't really know what to look for in the logs, but I can't see
> anything clearly wrong. Any tips for things to look for? Log 10 is,
> well, verbose... I think I didn't overlook anything obvious, but still
> 6) Here's the last seconds of the log before winbind panicked.

Well, it shouldn't crash, so before we raise a bug report, give me the
following info and I will try to recreate it.

What packages did you install to compile samba ?
what was your './configure' line


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