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[Samba] Migrate users from old server to new server without moving/copying configuration

Hello all,

We're running a Samba AD DC and we want to move to a new server. The old server is slightly misconfigured and have some issues, and the new server has already been set up freshly set up with no issues and everything working fine.  I need to move users, groups & passwords from the old server to the new one without moving configuration and retaining the old issues, am hoping someone can help me.  The new server is running Debian 9 with Samba version 4.5.12-Debian - not sure what other information I should be putting here.

Following someone's suggestion, I've copied over /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/groups, /var/lib/samba/private/passdb.tdb, sam.ldb, secrets.tdb but unsurprisingly this didn't work.

I've tried downloading the database from the old server using pdbedit but I had a host of errors, for example:

build_sam_pass: Failing attempt to store user with non-uid based user RID.
Importing account for krbtgt...failed

I'm hoping someone could tell me the best way to migrate users to the new server?

Many thanks for your time!

With kind regards - Piers

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