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Re: [Samba] Windows 10 app crashing after fileserver update from Samba 4.2 to 4.5

On Tue, 6 Nov 2018 11:00:26 +0100
"Mgr. Peter Tuharsky via samba" <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> we have a network-hosted app for windows that is being executed from
> smb share. The app worked well with Windows up to 7.
> Now, after upgrading clients to Windows 10, the app suddenly crashes
> after some 1-2 hours of use (or idle). The vendor indicates, that the
> problem may relate to reading the app's DLLs.
> The interesting thing is, that the problem only appears when the share
> is hosted on Samba 4.5(.12) or Windows 2016 server.

So, it happens on Samba and Windows, this probably means it isn't a
Samba problem, so I would go back to the app vendor and point this out.

It might also help if you could tell us what the app is, someone else
might have faced the same problem and fixed it.

I probably should also point out that Samba 4.5.x is EOL as far as
Samba is concerned.


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