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Re: [Samba] problem with time sync on windows 10 clients


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> Verzonden: woensdag 31 oktober 2018 15:10
> Aan: Rowland Penny
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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] problem with time sync on windows 10 clients
> Is mandatory that my DC gets its time from an external ntp server?  
No. But its really better to setup that up. 

> Is possible that my DC serve the time from itself, I mean, without getting its time from another server but from its own HW clock, like localhost? 
Yes, but you HW clock is not really correct time, HW clocks in the mainboard are not that good. 
If you have 2 DC's. then you pc's can have 2 times, depending the the server they choose. 

But you could use something like this: 
More options then only the pi, some good example for good time server setups. 
( but read the wiki page below first ) 

> That´s what I am trying to do.. So, rigth now my DC isn´t getting the time from any server, ´cause it is the ntp server in my forest. 
> Am I rigth? 
No, the members are getting time throug the AD or you need to setup the clients to use NTP server. 

I suggest reading, because its all there what you want to know. 

Reading it helps you understanding it. 



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