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Re: [Samba] Again NFSv4 and Kerberos at the 'samba way'...

> > In computer terms, It's a 0 or 1, always.. Yes, i say no..  ( sort
> > off.. ) 
> > 
> > A door is open or closed, yes, .... No...  ;-) 
> Well it could be a glass object as well, what is it called ?? Oh I
> know, a jar LOL
> Rowland

So for you a door is the same as a glass object, hmm , then try going throug that glass object...  :-p 

I just hope you understanded why im saying this. 
You "see" something is set to ON, but its TURNED OFF in the backgrond. 

! Until you enable - apply , disable - apply and enable - apply it. 
That fixes it in windows 99.9999% of all times. 
A common but understated problem in windows. 



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