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[Samba] Pair ADFS with samba: possible?

hi all,

is it feasible to setup a ADFS server paired with a samba AD DC?
Are there ADFS requirements (versions not older than ..., not newer than
...) if the samba AD DC is samba-4.9.1?

I tried to match a Windows Server 2016 ADFS v3 with a samba-4.9.1 AD DC.
The web form authentication allow a user to insert username and
password, the ADFS correctly recognizes wrong password, but when
password is correct, ADFS fails on the redirect step with a
non-diagnostic error:

S4U Logon for user with upn 'user@domain' threw the following exception:
'Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service'

So, I was wondering if my naive attempt is architecturally flawed before
delving into the issue more,

thank you,


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