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> > I'm trying to join a Samba 4.9.1 Debian Strech installation   
> Please define 'installation', do you mean that you have installed the
> required Samba packages and have not provisioned or something else ?

Yes, I just installed required packages prior to join a DC. Just like
preparing a join to any other Samba DC. Since there's already two
Windows DC's running, a new provision doesn't needed.

> Is your Windows domain actually called 'testdomain.tld' ?

No. I masked the actual domain name.

> I have never tried to join a Samba DC to a Windows 2012 DC (or
> visa-versa), but there is a wikipage that says you need a 2008 DC in
> the mix, see here:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Joining_a_Windows_Server_2012_/_2012_R2_DC_to_a_Samba_AD
> Yes, I know it is about joining in the opposite direction to what you
> are trying, but replication is a two way thing, so I suspect that what
> will not work in one direction, will not work in the other direction
> either (unless someone knows different)
> Rowland

Windows sysadmin (who actually provisioned the Windows DC's) said that
they changed the auto-assigned NETBIOS name, from "DOMAIN0" to
"DOMAIN" after provision. I suspect that this change is recognized by
Samba during join but not elaborated properly.

On my test setup, I used VM image of actual Windows DC and I was getting
same error during join. I removed AD setup on Windows DC and then
provisioned a new DC from scratch on my test setup. After this, Samba
was able to join domain properly. I can't to a new installation on
production environment.

Taner Tas

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