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[Samba] rfc2037

So, just wanting to verify - since I *think* I understand but am not sure.

[The Wiki article might be clarified re: rfc2037 - and avoid questions like this.]

2037 only comes into play if you're interested in controlling local access for *nix users on the local file system.
Thus, if you are, for example, setting up a [or a pair, or more] DC only, which won't have local users - than 2037 won't matter.

In my case, I'm setting up a new domain with two DC's and the DC's will only be used for Windows users/stations. Thus, it sure seems that I can ignore 2037 safely.

That said, I did provision the initial DC [accidentally] with --use-rfc2307 - is there any reason to re-provision and remove it? [Might it be good, if I eventually integrate Unix users on other member servers, but am not doing so now?]

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