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[Samba] Unable to join domain by using NetJoinDomain on Windows


I am using samba 4.8.6 and 4.9.1 to build a domain. And I have a Windows 7
virtual machine to join the domain. However, I found it was fail when I
used the NetJoinDomain which is the C# Library on Windows.
I am using the Unsecure option, authenticating by the machine password. And
Here is my code

int ret = NetJoinDomain(null, myDomainName, null, null, myMachinePassword,

 It was successfully on samba 4.5.16. I used the same method to join the
domain previously but it doesn’t work after I upgraded samba to 4.8 above.
The return code is 1326 which said that UNKNOWN USERNAME OR INCORRECT

Does anyone have the idea about this issue?

Best Regards,
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