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Re: [Samba] Multi domain (trusted) - share access (RHEL5.3)

On 14/10/18 09:07, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Oct 2018 08:41:33 +0530
> Anoop T S via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>> <https://superuser.com/questions/1366590/samba3-0-x-multi-domain-trusted-share-access-rhel5-3#>
>> I need to provide samba share access to multiple domain users. How
>> can I specify the valid users parameter in smb.conf. Below are the
>> trusted domain details. Users authentication via NIS and kerberos
>> realm for both domains are updated in krb5.conf. Does below settings
>> provide share access to both domain users?
>> [mining]
>> comment = mining
>> path = /export/vdisk/mining
>> valid users = @instream, @DCN
>> writeable = yes
>> guest ok = no
>> create mask = 0664
>> directory mask = 0775
> Just in case you missed it last time, here is what I posted last time
> you asked this question (in a slightly different way):
> [quote]
> Well, if this was a Debian based machine, I would run 'dist-upgrade' ;-)
> Unless you missed it, RHEL5 is dead and should no longer be used,
> unless you have installed the last red-hat Samba packages, you will be
> using Samba 3.0.x packages (which again are dead). If you have
> installed the last available red-hat RHEL5 Samba packages, then it will
> be a 3.6.x version and guess what, this version is dead as well.
> So, as both your distro and Samba version are dead, you don't really
> have any other option, you will have to upgrade.
> If your problem is a bug (it may not be, it could be a lack of a
> feature or features), you have absolutely no chance of getting
> anybody to fix it, partially because it will probably have been fixed
> in a later version, but mainly because your distro and Samba version
> are dead.
> Sorry if this upsets you, but it is better to tell the truth at the
> start.
> [/quote]
> Please upgrade your computer and Samba to a supported version and you
> might find it works ;-)
> Rowland
Hi Roland,

FYI CentOS (and therefore RHEL) 6 is still alive and 'yum list samba'
returns 3.6.23-51.el6.  That does mean that for the next couple of years
there are fully updated machines which are running Samba 3.6.


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