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Re: [Samba] Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 LTSC can't access samba shares on Debian stable 4.5.12

Hallo Rowland,

> Yes, but it is a special virtual network interface and in, my opinion,
> you are 'bending' it to your purposes.  Wouldn't you be better
> creating proper virtual network interfaces and leaving 'loopback' to
> be what it is, a loop. It is however your computer, so you can do
> whatever you like and works for you ;-)

than it is a good thing that you did not saw the rest of the network
configuration on the machine: bonding interfaces, bridges, gre tunnels,
vlan tags, several VPNs, network namespaces, policy based routing for
ipv4 und ipv6, a peer2peer connection and a two routing daemons for ipv4
and ipv6.


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