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Re: [Samba] Windows Server 2019 / Windows 10 LTSC can't access samba shares on Debian stable 4.5.12

On Sat, 13 Oct 2018 10:17:19 +0200
Thomas Glanzmann via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Andrew,
> > Do you actually have any ethernet interfaces up?  Why are you not
> > binding Samba to that?
> I do, but I run multiple samba servers on one machine. I have a few
> active directory controllers bound on a per VLAN basis to different
> interfaces. And one additional samba just for shares that should serve
> all VLANs. That is why I have the on the lo interface. I
> use that with many different software including ntp, nginx, old samba
> that ships with debian, nfs kernel server, etc.

Stop me if I am wrong (and I often am), but doesn't the 'loopback'
device do exactly that ? Anything 'lo' receives on its input just gets
shoved out of its output, or to put it another way, it just goes around
in a circle, so how does this work with Samba etc ?
Not saying it will not work, trying to understand how it works if it
does ;-)


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