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Re: [Samba] Domain Administrator and shares problems

Am 10.10.18 um 10:27 schrieb Peter Milesson via samba:
> On 10/9/18 10:41 PM, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 22:16:41 +0200
>> Peter Milesson <miles@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On 09.10.2018 21:25, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 19:44:55 +0200
>>>> Peter Milesson via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Rowland,
>>>>> I made a fresh install of the AD DC, a member server, and a Windows
>>>>> 10 PC that was never part of any domain. Authentication works,
>>>>> Active Directory works, DNS works, the Administrator can add,
>>>>> edit, and delete entries. The AD DC running CentOS 7.5, with a
>>>>> self compiled Samba 4.9.1. The member server using CentOS 7.5 with
>>>>> Samba 4.7.1 from standard distribution packages. I have also
>>>>> tested a self compiled Samba 4.9.1 as domain member. The
>>>>> configurations are identical to the ones used in production.
>>>>> Firewalls disabled, as is SeLinux on both Linux boxes.
>>>>> However, file sharing is a complete disaster. The Samba member
>>>>> server automatically uses ACLs when creating files and folders,
>>>>> which the production server doesn't. Everything positive ends
>>>>> here. The rest of the process using Windows Computer Manager for
>>>>> setting up the share parameters, is completely derailed.
>>>>> If the domain Administrator, Domain Admins, or any account with
>>>>> Administrator privileges figure anywhere, everything is completely
>>>>> blocked.
>>>> When you say blocked, do you mean you get an error message like this
>>>> when you click on the 'security' tab:
>>>> You do not have permission to view to view or edit this object’s
>>>> permission settings.
>>>> I set up a totally new centos 7 VM and installed Samba, but somehow
>>>> I missed out the user.map line and I got that error. Added the line:
>>>> username map = /etc/samba/user.map
>>>> created the user.map:
>>>> !root = SAMDOM\Administrator SAMDOM\administrator Administrator
>>>> administrator
>>>> Restarted Samba and it now works.
>>>> Unix permissions before attempting any changes from windows:
>>>> [root@cen7member ~]# ls -lad /data/samba/profiles
>>>> drwxrwx--- 2 root unix admins 6 Oct  9 19:13 /data/samba/profiles
>>>> After adding a user to the share from windows 'Security' tab:
>>>> Edit -> Add -> Advanced -> Find Now -> select user (Rowland Penny)
>>>> -> OK -> OK -> standard permissions: Read & execute, List folder
>>>> contents, Read
>>>> [root@cen7member ~]# ls -lad /data/samba/profiles
>>>> drwxrwx---+ 2 root unix admins 6 Oct  9 19:13 /data/samba/profiles
>>>> And the extend ACLs now set:
>>>> [root@cen7member ~]# getfacl /data/samba/profiles
>>>> getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
>>>> # file: data/samba/profiles
>>>> # owner: root
>>>> # group: unix\040admins
>>>> user::rwx
>>>> user:root:rwx
>>>> user:rowland:r-x
>>>> user:12122:rwx
>>>> group::rwx
>>>> group:rowland:r-x
>>>> group:unix\040admins:rwx
>>>> mask::rwx
>>>> other::---
>>>> default:user::rwx
>>>> default:user:root:rwx
>>>> default:user:rowland:r-x
>>>> default:group::r-x
>>>> default:group:rowland:r-x
>>>> default:group:unix\040admins:r-x
>>>> default:mask::rwx
>>>> default:other::r-x
>>>>> I'll get on my bike and take a trip in the countryside tomorrow,
>>>>> instead of fighting wind mills...
>>>> Yes, I always find walking away and returning later usually
>>>> works ;-)
>>>> Rowland
>>> Thanks a lot for your support Rowland. I've tried those steps, but no
>>> success. On the contrary. Just not possible to change anything. The
>>> security object list is displayed, but no changes are possible.
>>> Windows complaining about insufficient permissions. I have not forgot
>>> the username map in the smb.conf file, neither did I forget to set
>>> SeDiskOperatorPrivileges.
>>> I'll put it on the shelf for some time. At least I've got a working
>>> setup in the production server for now. Nothing will probably change
>>> there for at least a couple of years. But I've got very strong doubts
>>> about the current security level, with the Everyone group working as
>>> a stand in for Domain Admins, and a domain Administrator that's seems
>>> to have got privileges just north of the Guest account.
>> You seem to be fixated on the 'share' tab, ignore this and concentrate
>> on the 'security' tab (would it help if I said a better name for the
>> tab would 'NTFS permissions' ?). You should also be aware (From a Unix
>> perspective) that there are three permissions storages in play:
>> the standard 'ugo'
>> Extend ACLs as shown by getfacl
>> Extended attributes stored in security.NTACL on the directory or
>> file.
>>> I'll give Samba a try under Slackware. I've set up a bunch of Samba
>>> servers under Slackware since around 2002, or so. But the previous
>>> ones were always PDCs. That path seems now closed, however, with MS
>>> probably scrapping the NT1 protocol in the immediate future.
>>> Slackware had very quirky support for LDAP, and pam integration
>>> impossible, making any kind of AD stuff extremely tricky. But the
>>> recent Samba versions have got most of the parts that were missing
>>> from Slackware built in. So I'll give it a try, but in a few weeks
>>> time.
>> There is a GUY who posts on here regularly who uses Slackware, he is
>> probably one you need here.
>> However, if you are considering a different OS, how about Debian (or
>> Devuan), you could the use Louis's packages and get the most up to date
>> Samba versions.
>>> Until then...
>> I will sort out my notes and send you a copy, I feel you must have a
>> simple mistake that is causing your problem.
>> Rowland
> Hi Rowland,
> I tried Debian as Samba member server as a test a few days ago.
> Functionally no difference to CentOS. So I just continued with CentOS
> for the production server.
> About my problems. I follow the instructions for setting up a share.
> This time I assigned myself as a testuser to the Domain Admins group,
> and after that, there is no way to get any further. In the shares list,
> the Domain Users, and Domain Admins groups are displayed. Switching over
> to the security tab, different groups and users are displayed. Yes, they
> are displayed, which would be considered a great step forward. But
> trying to change anything there it just don't work. It just complains
> that I have got insufficient permissons to make any changes. Any changes
> at all.
> The folder looks the following:
> ls -al
> total 12
> drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root          4096 Oct  9 15:55 .
> drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root          4096 Oct  9 15:54 ..
> drwxr-xr-x. 2 root domain admins 4096 Oct  9 15:55 wandafishand
> getfacl wandafish
> # file: wandafish
> # owner: root
> # group: domain\040admins
> user::rwx
> group::r-x
> other::r-x
> Having the "wrong" users or groups in the share tab, gives a blank
> security tab. On the production server group Everyone with full
> permissions is required, otherwise the security tab does not show up. In
> my test environment, I assigned myself to the Domain Admins group. After
> that I really don't get anywhere.
> As I told you, I will put it on ice for a few weeks, and consider
> alternatives. IMHO, the choice of OS probably plays a big role here.
> CentOS has got far too much stuff running in the background, interfering
> if it considers necessary. Even with SeLinux and the firewall disabled.
> I need to have something with better control of the running processes.
> Slackware has precisely got that. I'll report back.

It looks like you gave Domain Admins a gid. This is considered a bad
idea as the group needs to own files on the DC in Sysvol. Rowland works
around this by creating a group Unix Admins and adds this group to the
Domain Admins group. This way you can work on the filesystem with "unix
Admins" (which has a gid) and still have the privileges of Domain Admins.
In our setup (also classic upgraded) I try to avoid Administrator and
Domain Admins in file security operations. Have you tried using a
"normal" group giving this the rights you want on the cli and tried to
set security i´on Windows with a user in that group?



> Best regards,
> Peter

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