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[Samba] Question about domain controller replication limit

Hi, I tried a fast search about domain controller replication limit without find without finding an answer.

Can someone tell me if there are time limit of correct synchronization of domain controller turned off for a long time (like some days)? If yes what should be the time limit and what is better do when need to poweron domain controller that has passed that time?

Can there be issue with one domain controller restored from backup or it will be simply resynchronized? Can there be different with windows domain controller (and there are different if it is the pdc or not)? (where is more probable restore for other issue not related to domain itself)

I know there was important drs changes in samba 4.5, if the answer are different based on samba version the answer can be about samba>=4.5

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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