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Re: [Samba] Large file (over 4Gb) transfer problem from Windows to Samba 4.7 on CentOS 7.5

On Sun, 7 Oct 2018 22:48:29 +0630
Mr Crack <mrcrack007@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Rowland,
> I am testing lanman auth option as I cannot login to Samba server with
> correct samba user name & password
> I created Unix user & samba user .. but cannot login to Samba ..
> This is why I use this option to find a way to login to Samba

OK, lets look at your smb.conf (with all the default lines removed):

        workgroup       = Test
        security        = user

        printing        = cups
        printcap name   = cups
        cups options    = raw
        protocol        = LANMAN2
        map to guest    = Bad User
        username map    = /etc/samba/smbusers
        log level       = 2
        lanman auth     = yes
        ntlm auth       = ntlmv1-permitted

        path            = /data2/d
        guest ok        = yes
        guest only      = yes
        read only       = no

>From that we can see that if an unknown user tries to access Samba,
they will be mapped to guest and allowed access, in fact, only the
guest user will be allowed access to the share. If a user known to
Samba, with the correct password accesses the share, they will be
rejected because you have set 'guest only = yes' and it does what it

If you want an authenticated user to be able to access your share,
you need to remove the 'guest only' line.

Your '4G' problem is undoubtedly being caused by the 'protocol' line,
you should remove this line and sort out your clients.


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