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Re: [Samba] Rename domain

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Le 03/10/2018 à 16:33, Rowland Penny via samba a écrit :
On Wed, 3 Oct 2018 16:01:33 +0200
Philippe Maladjian via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello, I realize the preparation of the migration from samba 3 to
samba 4. For the moment the test platform is functional at 80%.

I realize a problem. At the implementation of samba 3 in NT mode
(more than 10 years ago) I chose netbios name dom.masociete and the
same DNS domain name.
Even then, a dot in a workgroup name wasn't recommended.

That's what I notice from reading but there are 10 I was a beginner ;)

With the migration the domain dns becomes "dom"
and according to my first researches I will quickly encounter
problems if I need subdomain in the future. The ideal would be that I
rename my domain in mycompany.local
No, the ideal would be to use virtually anything but '.local'


knowing that our Internet domain
name is mycompany.fr but it is not us who manage it.

I saw that with the arrival of the 4.9.x it is possible to rename a
domain, but is it feasible in my case? If yes, once the domain is
renamed, will I have to go out and add the existing machines in the
This is so new, I am not sure, but I believe it would, you will have
to change the DNS domain on all the machines, unless it is set by DHCP.

It might just be easier and better to set up a new domain ;-)

At dhcp level I have as configuration


option domain-search code 119 = text;
option wpad code 252 = text;
 option domain-name "dom.masociete";
option domain-search "\003dom\007masociete\000";
option wpad "\n";


but I do not see how dhcp could impose windows pc to use another domain to connect? When I add a machine to the domain I go through the machine's bone and change the "Member of" setting as in this picture: https://s10629.pcdn.co/wp-content/pictures/2009/11/joindomainwindows7.png



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