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[Samba] Rename domain

Hello, I realize the preparation of the migration from samba 3 to samba 4. For the moment the test platform is functional at 80%.

I realize a problem. At the implementation of samba 3 in NT mode (more than 10 years ago) I chose netbios name dom.masociete and the same DNS domain name. With the migration the domain dns becomes "dom" and according to my first researches I will quickly encounter problems if I need subdomain in the future. The ideal would be that I rename my domain in mycompany.local knowing that our Internet domain name is mycompany.fr but it is not us who manage it.

I saw that with the arrival of the 4.9.x it is possible to rename a domain, but is it feasible in my case? If yes, once the domain is renamed, will I have to go out and add the existing machines in the domain?

thank you in advance


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