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Re: [Samba] Unable to add additional domain controller - uncaught exception - LDAP error 10 on join

Hai Fabio, 

We dont mind crappy english...
At least not me, I'm the same, lots of typos. You will learn it, the more you type it. ;-) 

Shows exact the same, but not solution.

Looks like a left over from an other DC. 

> ERROR(ldb): uncaught exception - LDAP error 10 LDAP_REFERRAL - 
> <0000202B: RefErr: DSID-030A0B09, data 0, 1 access points
>          ref 1: 
> 'a45ce9be-c350-4429-964b-a10c1dd92af5._msdcs.m2r.local'
>  > <ldap://a45ce9be-c350-4429-964b-a10c1dd92af5._msdcs.m2r.local>

Try to find : a45ce9be-c350-4429-964b-a10c1dd92af5._msdcs.m2r.local 
And check what that is, any old server, a running one? 



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