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Re: [Samba] getent not showing domain users and groups with winbind but works with sssd

On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 12:13:58 +0200
Peter Milesson <miles@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > You are now hitting a bug in 4.9.1 that was discovered last week by
> > Louis Van Belle. It seems to be an interaction between Samba and
> > systemd, I say this because it doesn't affect me on Devuan.
> >
> > Rowland
> Hi Rowland,
> I'm using the standard CentOS Samba packages. The current Samba
> version is 4.7.1. The server is 4.9.1, however.

Hmm, I wonder if this has been going on for sometime ?

As I said, I don't get this error and the Samba daemons are started in
this order:

>From the debian bug report by Louis, there is this
in /lib/systemd/system/smbd.service:

After=network.target network-online.target nmbd.service winbind.service

Which from my (limited) knowledge of systemd, means 'smbd' will only be
started after 'nmbd' & 'winbind'. This, in my opinion, is totally wrong.

If your version of the file is the same, try removing 'winbind.service'
and see if this helps.


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