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Re: [Samba] Can't access samba because "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_INVALID_SID"

On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 00:56:12 +0000
Junior Oliveira <emersonjr.eng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes, i didn't mention but i'm using Debian, thanks.
> I've read the link you've sent but i think i didn't understand. Sorry
> if i'm looking dumb about Samba stuff, but i really am :')  It's my
> first time dealing with Samba.

We all have to start somewhere ;-)

> Just to clarify more, the first thing i should do is configure Samba
> 4 as an AD DC, then after this step set up Samba as a Domain Member?


> And sorry, but my doubt remains, where is the moment of these settings
> where i set the OpenLDAP users data to be used by Samba to log in?

After the classicupgrade you will not have ldap users, you will have
AD users, so they would authenticate via AD.

Can I suggest you set up a test domain and test the upgrade there,
this will allow you to find any problems and fix them before you do
it for real.


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