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[Samba] [SOLVED] Samba 4: 'Access denied' error when accessing user profile during logon


Looks like the solution was rather simple.

If user profile matching OS doesn't yet exist, Windows attempts to create one under '[profiles]'. I.e., for user 'username' Windows 7 will attempt to create [profiledir]\username.V2

If it can't create that directory, 'Access denied' is written to system event log and a temporary profile is created.

The solution (following the default how-to directories structure):

# chmod g+w /srv/samba/profiles

The hint posted in


Note: taking the above into account, I believe that corresponding section (Using POSIX ACLs) should be updated in


namely, replace

# chmod 1750 /srv/samba/profiles/


# chmod 1770 /srv/samba/profiles/


Konstantin Boyandin via samba писал 2018-09-20 12:25:

After joining Windows 7 to a Samba 4 (AD), when logging on I
experience 'Access denied' error accessing user profile. As a result,
Windows creates temporary profile for the domain user (the profile is
deleted upon logoff).


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