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Re: [Samba] Can't copy large files to Windows with SMB2/3 on 10G network

- smbclient [no -m option] is OK and slow (uses default SMB1/NT1?)
- mount.cifs -o vers=1.0 is OK and slow
- smbclient -m SMB2 (or -m SMB3) fails
The above is the interesting case, as this is much
easier to debug (in user space) than the kernel

Can you give more details on *exactly* HOW smbclient -mSMB3
fails ?

This is really strange: today I was not able to reproduce the problem. Neither with smbclient, nor with mount.cifs.

Tried with 2 of the 3 Windows machines which showed the original problem, but today all copies with file sizes from 50 GB up to 150 GB went fine, using SMB 3.11.

Well, it looks like we might never know what the problem was.

Thanks anyway,


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