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Re: [Samba] Winexe, samba 4.8, sigsev...

Hi Marco,

winexe seems to be orphaned since 2013, so there is proably some
compatibility issue. Nevertheless, Microsoft himself changed his mind
and includes now sshd in Windows by default (you have to activate it).
So you could use - as an alternative to winexe - ssh (by public key
authentication) and use powershell or cmd for whatever you want.


On 14.09.2018 19:22, Marco Gaiarin via samba wrote:
> I'm using 'winexe':
> 	https://sourceforge.net/projects/winexe/
> but this repository, compiled against samba 4.5, and works like a
> charm:
> 	https://sourceforge.net/u/mstowe/winexe/ci/master/tree/
> I've tried to recompile them against samba 4.8 (louis repo), and
> compile flawlessy, but if i try to run them:
> 	winexe[10549]: segfault at 138 ip 00007fb165a2f3a4 sp 00007ffdf432a880 error 4 in libcli-smb-common.so.0[7fb165a23000+2d000]
> There's something i can do to try to debug and fix this issue?
> Thanks.

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