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[Samba] Folder Sync for road warriors in a Samba 4.8.x setup?

Hi All,

I know this isn't really a Samba question per se but I'm looking for some samba-related advice.. :)

I have a very small AD DC setup (5 users) and some end-users (read: teenargers) are now using laptops, which means they don't always have access to the network shares configured by GPO and Logon scripts from the Samba servers when they take the laptop to school. (The Samba servers aren't our fileservers but the shares are hosts on RHEL7 hosts too).

What do people use to make files available offline for road warriors/students and sync them back to the fileservers when they come home? Are there known gotchas, do's and dont's? I'd like to avoid using OneDrive and GDrive. I am currently Wondering if Windows Folder Sync would work in such a setup. The mobile users are all using Window 10 1803 x64 laptops.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks,


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